"And for that we [give] credit to our star, Tatiana. For where we gave her our raw, brutal ode to a product of grotesque abuse, she replied with possibility. We all remember the day, as we developed this chapter, that Tat suggested Helena be motivated not by hate, but by love. And that changed everything, and everyone – even Sarah. Because a monster who wants to destroy you is hardly unusual. But a monster who sees in you and you alone something they recognize, and want to embrace… well, that’s a whole new level of terrifying."

The Hive Recap on Helena

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My house, after Rammasun

My house, after Rammasun

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"You’re not a real fan because you didn’t read the book."

I’m sorry anyone’s love for something should be measured by whether or not they’ve read their literary counterpart. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to love it just because, well, I did.

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Do you ever just feel sad for no reason? At 1am, with no one to talk to.
And no way to let all the sadness out… because you honestly don’t know what kind of sadness it is.

Like, right now, I’m feeling fairly blue… and I could use a movie just as sad and not sad at the same time, like Ruby Sparks or 500 Days. But I’ve watched both of those already.

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"For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth."


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Someone needs to tell me that it’s okay that I don’t have life figured out at 20. I’m going crazy trying to “find myself” and failing.

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♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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Reasons why Modern Family is one of the best shows ever:S02E19, The Musical Man

Reasons why Modern Family is one of the best shows ever:
S02E19, The Musical Man

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A happy couple might’ve gotten married today.

Someone might’ve kissed their best friend and realized they are gay today.

Someone might’ve found out they were officially cancer free today.

Someone might’ve finally finished their debut novel today.

Lots of interesting things might be happening today.

We should celebrate.

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I was ashamed of myself for thinking this.Back to square one, Paulene.

I was ashamed of myself for thinking this.
Back to square one, Paulene.

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